Plans & features

Dear NodeCheck users!

10 months have passed, since we started working on our platform. During this period, we spent a lot of time and money developing it, and we'd like to continue developing our platform for you, the users.

Currently, NodeCheck is the most advanced masternode monitoring platform on the market. We are proud of the growing userbase, amount of monitored masternode and increasing number of currencies on our platform. Maintaining and developing the platform requires guaranteeing more and more hardware resources and the commitment of our team to continue growing our platform.

Just like we mentioned in a previous announcement, from 29.10.2018 we are introducing paid PRO plan for users, who wish to take full advantage of the features we offer. Below, is the list of all our functionality, of which we have already implemented, as well as our upcoming features, which we will be introducing very shortly.

Activating PRO plan for masternodes is possible after purchasing a credit pack - price below. It is possible to utilise FREE and PRO plans on the same account, you just enable the PRO plan for the nodes you wish to utilise the full featureset. Credit packs can be purchased via PayPal and also via credit card. One credit allows monitoring one node with PRO functionality for 30 days. More details can be found in our FAQ and on our Discord channel.

We hope you'll stay with us, and together we'll be developing NodeCheck further.

Credit pack Price Price/node/month
5 €5 €1
10 €9 €0.9
20 €16 €0.8
50 €30 €0.6
100 €40 €0.4
200 €60 €0.3
500 €100 €0.2
Net prices in Euro

 Features PLANS
Masternode status checks [min] 15 15
Payout checks [min] 15 15
Notifications [min] 15 15
Notifications (email, Telegram, Discord)
Email login
Anonymous token login
Masternode statistics: status, last block, block age, version
Market statistics: price (USD & BTC), change 24h, coins daily, value daily, ROI, MN worth
Payment summary (daily, weekly, monthly)
Account autodelete after 180 days of inactivity
Automatic disabling of MN monitoring for DISAPPEARED status after 7 days inactivity (1)
Desktop & mobile web interface
Payout notifications with number of coins earned
USD value in payout notifications
Demo videos - how to...
KYD verified logo for appropriate verified coins
Event log [days] 7 365
On-demand refresh of masternode status
Pro-active monitoring (2)
Protocol version check
Active time check
Wallet / MN upgrade notification
Export payments to CSV (date, number of coins and value)
 Upcoming features
Total MN value
Bootstrap downloads for all currencies
Multicurrency support
New Telegram BOT commands
NodeCheck referral program
Bulk adding MN from CSV
Tax tool
MN ROI - historical data
NodeCheck current blockhash
Bulk notification change
Test notification buttons
Web push notifications
Voting for new features

(1) DISAPPEARED status occurs when your node passed all other blockchain statuses of EXPIRED, WATCHDOG_EXPIRED, NEW_RESTART_REQUIRED, REMOVE and has disappeared from the blockchain. When this happens, a notification is sent informing you that your node has disappeared and after 3 days if you don't take action to restart or fix your node, then our monitoring service then sets your node monitoring to disabled as it will be deemed inactive. Of course, if you take action to fix your node when status changes occur, then you should never see this status.

(2) Pro-active check detects potential issues with your node. It can detect potential network issues with your VPS, notifying you so that you can check your VPS service and or VPS and fix accordingly.