Q: What are the benefits of NodeCheck.io?

Our service allows you to monitor your masternode. It monitors the availability of your masternode and payments. Alerts are sent via email, Telegram and Discord.

Q: What web browsers are supported?

We support Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari. It's possible Microsoft Edge will work. Internet Explorer is not supported.

Q: Why should I monitor my masternode?

Masternodes should be available constantly, because they play an important role in registering and confirming transactions in the blockchain. The masternode owner receives payments for maintaining the masternode, but only if they are working correctly. In the event of a masternode failure, or downtime, the owner may not receive payments or it may be lower than expected. Therefore it's important to react quickly to any downtime of your masternode.

Q: How often is my masternode monitored?

Masternodes are monitored every 15 minutes with alerts being generate at this time. Alerts are generated for masternode status changes, and also when a payment is received.

Q: What do I need to do to monitor my masternode?

All you need to do is register and provide a valid email address or alternatively create an anonymous account. If you choose to register by email, the email needs to be verified before the account will be activated. Also, you will need your masternode payee (collateral address) to start monitoring your masternode.

Q: What is my payee address?

This is the address you used to send the coins to, to be able to start and run your masternode.

Q: Can I register anonymously?

Yes, you can register anonymously, login will be via authentication token. Please ensure you save this somewhere safe, as there will be no way of recovering your account if you lose your token. You can receive alerts only via Telegram or Discord. If you want email alerts, please register with an email account instead of anonymously.

Q: How many masternodes can I monitor?

There are currently no restrictions to the amount of masternodes that you can monitor.

Q: What type of alerts can I receive?

You can receive alerts via email, Telegram and Discord.

Q: Why is the time incorrect against my masternode for lastseen and lastpaid?

You need to set your timezone under My Profile, Preferences. The correct time will then be shown for your region.

Q: How can I obtain my chat ID and activate Telegram alerts?

You must complete this step even if you know your chat ID as it must be registered with our BOT for it to work.

1. If you have Telegram app installed on this device you can just click NodeCheck_bot and skip step 2.
2. Open Telegram app and search for "NodeCheck" and then click to select us from the list.
3. Click Start.
4. A message will be received with your chat ID.
5. Add this ID under My Profile -> Preferences and save changes.

You are now registered to receive Telegram notifications.

For already registered masternodes, to enable receiving Telegram alerts:

1. Edit your masternode.
2. Enable/disable where required the Telegram alert options for status, payment, proa-active and MN/Wallet upgrade notifications.

Q: How can I obtain my Discord discriminator and activate Discord alerts?

1. You need to join our Discord server. You can do it by clicking this link.
2. You will need your Discord username and discriminator. Discriminator consists of 4 digits. It is preceded by '#' sign. You can find it in Discord under user settings.
3. Configure those values in format: username#discriminator (example John#1234) under My Profile -> Preferences and click "Configure Discord".

You are now registered to receive Discord notifications.

For already registered masternodes, to enable receiving Discord alerts:

1. Edit your masternode.
2. Enable/disable where required the Discord alert options for status, payment, pro-active and MN/Wallet upgrade notifications.

Q: Why does my masternode have a status of "DISAPPEARED"?

This is because your node passed all other blockchain statuses of EXPIRED, WATCHDOG_EXPIRED, NEW_RESTART_REQUIRED, REMOVE and has disappeared from the blockchain. When this happens, a notification is sent informing you that your node has disappeared and after 7 days if you don't take action to restart or fix your node, then our monitoring service then sets your node monitoring to disabled as it will be deemed inactive. Of course, if you take action to fix your node when status changes occur, then you should never see this status.

Q: Why is "unavailable" shown in the IP address and port field?

This is because the blockchain of your chosen cryptocurrency does not make available the IP address and port information.

Q: Why is lastpaid time and last payout fields empty?

When adding a new node, this field will always be empty until it receives a payout after the point in time that it was added to our system. It will not show payouts that have already been received prior to being added to our monitoring system.

Q: How does pro-active monitoring work?

Pro-active monitoring detects potential issues with your node. It can detect potential network issues with your VPS, notifying you so that you can check your VPS service and or VPS and fix accordingly.

Q: Why doesn't active time change?

Active time updates every 10 mins just like lastseen. So a manual refresh won't change this.

Q: Why is my protocol version red?

This means there is potentially an update available so that you can upgrade your masternode.

Q: How can I get MN/Wallet upgrade notifications?

Download our script from our github repository, then edit the script to provide location of CLI tool, APIKEY, TXID, PAYEE and configure cron to run the script every one hour. Full instructions can be found here: NodeCheck Github

Q: Where and how can I report wallet/MN code updates?

You can report on our #wallet-update-request Discord channel. First check under Stats --> Node and see what version we are currently running. If you see this to be lower than the version you expect it to be, write on our Discord channel #wallet-update-request and we will update asap.

Q: The masternode type I want to monitor is not on the list. What can I do?

If your masternode currency is not on our list, we encourage you to let us know on our Discord channel #suggestions. That way we can gain knowledge of interest in that type of masternode and add it to our list of monitored masternode types.

First check to see if the coin is on the list or not using the following command on our discord:


If it's not on the list, then the following information is required before a coin will be added:

- Coin full name and symbol
- Coin Website
- Github link to code
- Discord and/or Telegram link
- Link to Block Explorer
- Link to the Exchange listing for the coin

If any of this information is incomplete, the coin request will be ignored, and precedence will be given to other requests that have provided all the above required information.

Q: How to buy credits?

Go to "My Profile" > "Payments", select credit package and fill the form. You can pay with PayPal or credit card. When payment is successful, credits will be added to you balance.

Q: How credits works?

You can use credits to enable PRO features for node monitoring. One credit allows you to monitor one node for 30 days. You can enable auto-renewal of PRO features. When enabled, at the end of PRO monitoring date, we will take one credit from your balance and extend PRO features for the next 30 days.

Q: What are extra features in PRO plan?

Differences between plans are explained in "Plans" tab.

Q: Can I have nodes with PRO and FREE plans on single account?

Yes, you can enable PRO features only for some of your nodes. The rest will have limited features.

Q: Can I move PRO features from one node to another?

No. Once you have enabled PRO features for one node you cannot move them to another node.

New currencies require a listing fee of €200 EUR.